MW2 in steam ?

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MW2 in steam ?

Post by SirJuicyLemon » 16.02.2017 21:42

Hey guys, someone gave me the MW2 game as a gift in Steam, and so I downloaded the multiplayer. But whenever I try to search for servers, it keeps searching and searchin until the end of eternity. And so I looked up on google and found this site but I wanna know if this is just for the no Steam versions of the game, or if this could also apply for me. And well, I wanna know what you guys think, what's my best option right now, what to do and stuff, to change to a no Steam version and use Iw4play or something, because I really want to play online. Thanks.

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Re: MW2 in steam ?

Post by [4P]BORUSSIA » 16.02.2017 22:48

Of couse, your original version of Modern Warfare 2 is working. Just click on IW4x, download the updater.exe from there, place it in your game folder and run it. It won't do any damage to your Steam account.

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Re: MW2 in steam ?

Post by FonkAT » 19.02.2017 05:14

[4P]BORUSSIA wrote:
16.02.2017 22:48
Man, can I do the same thing to mac?

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