What happened to IW4Play?

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What happened to IW4Play?

Post by [4P]BORUSSIA » 03.02.2017 18:39

Hello IW4Play community,
the IW4x team asked about merging our projects, and we agreed. This means, that IW4Play will redirect you to the IW4x client while we keep running the forums. If you need any further help, please take a look into the Wiki.

We do this because we are convinced, that the whole IW4 community will benefit by that. First of all, it is obvious that the IW4x client is better coded than any IW4Play client in the past. Also, by merging three large projects (IW4Play, IW4x, React) it is probable to establish the greatest IW4 community since 4d1. We hope that you can understand our reasons.

IW4Play staff

Wiki: https://wiki.iw4play.net
IW4x: https://iw4xcachep26muba.onion.to
Their Discord: https://discord.gg/ncUZPTX


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